What Our Clients Are Saying…

Liz N.
February 17, 2016

I highly recommend Paper Craft Interiors for wallpaper installation. I hired Steven Kaye from Paper Craft Interiors to install wallpaper in 4 rooms of our home. Steven is trustworthy, extremely professional, and did a top-quality job for us. He is very detail oriented and took the time to ensure the wallpaper installation was flawless. I had an issue with one of the wallpapers I chose (due to a manufacturing error) and rather than just installing it to get the job done quickly, Steven brought my attention to the flaw in the wallpaper so I could exchange it for a new one. His attention to detail sets him apart and ensures a quality experience. Additionally, Steven is very accommodating - he made an extra trip back to our home (free of charge) to make a final touch up upon my request. I highly recommend Paper Craft Interiors for any wallpaper installation needs and have no doubt that the service would exceed expectations!

Colleen H.
February 17, 2016

Paper Craft Interiors did a wonderful job for us - the work was exceptional and the wallpaper was fantastic. His attention to detail was fantastic - we had a small front entry hall and he even wallpapered the switch plate for our light fixture to blend in just as one example. He also wallpapered our foyer area in Bradbury and it looks amazing - it is a smaller room but had many windows, doors, angled walls to work with and it is seamless especially considering it is a 100 plus year old house where nothing is truly even or plumb. He also did Bradbury in an office for us and it is gorgeous - the paper started on the walls and wraps up onto the ceiling with borders above and below and it is now one of my favorite rooms to be in. He has incredible attention to detail and considering the amount of time, precision and work involved we also thought he was very reasonably priced. The rooms that he wallpapered now feel like walking into beautiful pieces of art - we can't recommend him highly enough. The rooms are completely transformed. Thank you thank you.

Molly S.
February 17, 2016

Our project was fairly complicated and Steven made sure to discuss any potential issues that might arrive before work began. He was punctual, thoroughly cleaned up the space, and was extremely professional. I would highly recommend using Steven for any future wallpaper projects.