2016 Wallpaper Trends

2016 Wallpaper Design Trends

According to HGTV, Wallpaper is back in a big way in 2016.  Wallpaper is transforming rooms with bold patterns and colors.  Fresh colors paired with a very traditional pattern means up-to-date, contemporary wallpaper.

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Steven Kaye, Owner of Paper Craft Interiors, Inc.

Paper Craft Interiors Wins National Guild of Professional Paperhangers Award

Algonquin Paperhanger Wins Award
By Chelsea McDougall
Northwest Herald, November 1, 2012

There are two career choices Steven Kaye never regrets. One: going to a school to learn the paperhanging trade, and two: joining a professional guild geared for his career.

The National Guild of Professional Paperhangers, of which he heads the Midwest chapter, has afforded him many opportunities, not only to network, but to show off his skills.

Recently, Kaye, of Algonquin, was awarded second place from the organization’s small spaces category. He wallpapered a Chicago woman’s shoe closet, in a high-end design that earned him the attention of the guild judges. He accepted the award at an annual Convention and Vendor Showcase this September in Columbus, Ohio.

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